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Growing Out of Time - Chapter 3
Vel sat at the small table sipping coffee and pretending to focus on her tablet and not the ravenous man who sat before her.  He was clearly enjoying the breakfast she made for him.  Every now and then, she would glance up from her tablet, but only for second before looking back at the screen. Quickly Josh demolished one blueberry waffle after another, the disturbing noises of his chewing and slurping, accompanied by the clanking of his fork and knife was all she could hear in their kitchen.
Such sounds would have disgusted and annoyed anyone else, and it did for her when they first met; however, now she had become accustomed to her husband’s strange, monstrous appetite and that of his disinterest in speaking when eating.  He wasn’t conversing much with her, other than the occasional “uh-huh” and “yeah,” but she didn’t mind.  Vel knew he was listening intently to her every word.
Past experiences had confirmed this. When late
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Remember Me - Chapter 6
The ceremony had finally ended and everyone was mingling with the new chosen ones in the temple. Others who weren’t chosen had already left in despair, but there was a chance they may be of the selected again in time.
“We’re proud of you! I knew he choose you,” Lydia said giving her small friend a tight hug. “I mean, you were practically like family once. I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner.”
“Yeah, I’m totally surprised, and you knew about this all along Lydia?”
“I was under oath alright. That loud mouth uncle of yours would have chewed me out if I had told you the truth!”
“Haha, yes I know. He looked very disappointed when his sons’ offers didn’t grow.”
“Eymius will definitely have something to say about that at the city gathering tomorrow I’m sure, but look at your flowers.”
“They’re gorgeous and radiant, just like you!” came a familiar voice
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Remember Me - Chapter 5
Together the twins approached the council doors, each grabbing onto a golden handle and slowly pulling backed.   Instantly, the four were greeted by hundreds of eyes in the amphitheater.
"This is just great," Amara thought. "Now the whole city will know by tomorrow."
It seemed like everyone was there, the servants, the maids, the priests, even the gate keepers themselves, excluding you know who.  Everyone that helped to carry out all daily functions of Chlore’s temple were right there, staring at them.  At the bottom of the amphitheater, sat the council of the high priest, and directly towering behind them stood a marble stone statue of Chlore, the god of nature and all of what earth’s greenery produces.
“We see you have finally graced us with your presence,” one of the high priests spoke up.  “Tyre, Titus, bring her to us!”
Quickly obeying his father, the twin carrying the bundle of clothes began to descend down below to the coun
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Door Numba 1 by WakeUpFantasy Door Numba 1 :iconwakeupfantasy:WakeUpFantasy 3 10 Little Bush Man by WakeUpFantasy Little Bush Man :iconwakeupfantasy:WakeUpFantasy 2 2 new DA ID by WakeUpFantasy new DA ID :iconwakeupfantasy:WakeUpFantasy 2 0 So much purple by WakeUpFantasy So much purple :iconwakeupfantasy:WakeUpFantasy 3 15 Wheres my face by WakeUpFantasy Wheres my face :iconwakeupfantasy:WakeUpFantasy 2 0 Added some color by WakeUpFantasy Added some color :iconwakeupfantasy:WakeUpFantasy 3 0
Growing Out of Time - Chapter 2
The young man groaned and rolled over to his side, the bed creaking as he did so. He hadn’t expected to fall asleep so quickly or even fall asleep at all.
“Hmmmm, Vel....wut essit?” he mumbled.  He waited for her response, but the room remained silent.
“Vel?” he whispered. Still, no sound came from her, not even a snort. Is she dreaming again?
He extended a hand out toward his wife.
“Vel are you slee—” he stopped short as his fingers grazed across the cool empty sheets.  He couldn’t feel her warmth.  There was nothing. To confirm her absence, he cracked open his eyes a little. The room was still dark, but he could at least see the small body that had once lain beside him was no longer there.  He reached over to the night stand to turn on a light, waving his hand blindly in the dark for the lamp.
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A Colossal Request - Chapter 9
The two older men lay deep within the giant’s pouch, conversing with each other of the events that transpired during their time of apart.  It had only been a few minutes since they departed once retrieving Emson.  
“Shhhh Emson!” the King said in faint whisper.  “It was the only way for him to assist us.”
“B-b-but my Lord, w-w-what will the Princess think?”  
“She’ll be in a complete rage, of course!” the King sighed and threw his arms up in defeat.
“A-a-and not just the Princess, but what about…what about the Kingdom and your people.”
“I may not have had enough time to think before making my decision; however, I did think.  I took all of them into consideration. Do you understand Emson?”
“My word, what unspeakable falsehoods will come forth from the surrounding nations once they hear of this?”
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A Colossal Request - Chapter 8
“Just a little more Emson…a little…more.”
He was much father now from his original spot under the small tree and it seemed like an unnecessary distance he was making between them.  He thought from where he was standing before was safe enough, but the counselor continued to follow along as the King instructed, slipping deeper and deeper into the forest.
“Keep moving Em.  Keep on moving.”
“I think that’s quite far another King,” Kygron said looking down to him.  He knew he was big, and the King wanted his friend to be safe, but this was ridiculous.  Even he was starting to have trouble seeing the small human down below from such a great distance.  Ignoring him, King Joerrim kept gesturing from above.
“More…more…good…yes…ye-STOP!  Alright Emson, that’s perfect!”
Kygron sighed. “Are we ready now your majesty?”
“I believe so,” the King s
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Jessie Ware - Night Light (screenshot) by WakeUpFantasy Jessie Ware - Night Light (screenshot) :iconwakeupfantasy:WakeUpFantasy 4 2
An inquiry to you
Seeks only the truth.
Yet, lips remain sealed
And a heart unhealed.
Searing with suspicion,
Waiting on your decision.
Just say the word,
A word,
Make a sound.
No longer stand there,
With a tongue tied and bound.
The time passed thinking,
Is sufficient enough.
But your mouth stays closed,
I say, open up.
Patience has run dry,
Really, have you no reply.
At least let there be one
That will soon in time come.
With a will to comfort,
To calm,
To convince of worthless fears.
But insensible you remain
As eyes glisten with tears.
I ponder, do you not say no
Because you cannot say yes.
Well make up your mind
Tell me now,
I rather not guess.
Ears are eagerly waiting,
Every second of life wasting.
So please,
I beg of you that you do.
The suspense is killing me,
And you seem to not have a clue.
:iconwakeupfantasy:WakeUpFantasy 4 5
Mako Pokemon Trainer by WakeUpFantasy Mako Pokemon Trainer :iconwakeupfantasy:WakeUpFantasy 2 0 Pokemon Trainer Korra by WakeUpFantasy Pokemon Trainer Korra :iconwakeupfantasy:WakeUpFantasy 12 3

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I gots a job!! Wooo!!! Its about time too. Man I put so much time in writing resumes and cover letters and job searching itself felt like a job. Maybe i can get back to writing. idk when i exactly start but I begin the paper work stuff tomorrow. I'll be working night shift, 12hr at a Long term acute care facility. Plain english: a really tiny small hospital with a bunch of really sick people who won't be leaving right away.
ok that is it for now.



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I love my anime/manga and *clean* G/T (giant/tiny) stuff.

I'm a Jehovah's Witness so I do various spiritual activities of course. If you ever want to ask me something, just note me. I don't debate but I'm always up for talking about the Bible. Its what I do ^__^

I just like being creative and silly, and sharing my imagination and ideas with everyone.


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